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3 Bean Enchilada Skillet Meal


One of Kristens MOST POPULAR Meals! Versatile for lots of Vegan Meals! Wonderful Enchiladas of course, but much more. Chili Soup, Frito Nacho Platter, Taco Filling, 7 Layer Dip Platter, EVEN a fantastic Vegan Burger! (the recipe is on the package) Use the separate Sauce Packet for an mildly spicy brown gravy, or add it while cooking the beans for a spicier “re-fried”-bean-like filling for lots of south of the border dishes. ¡Muy Deliciosa!

Yield: 5 servings

You Add:
water, GF tortillas to make enchilada

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1 review for 3 Bean Enchilada Skillet Meal

  1. “We absolutely love the (skillet) meal and bakery products and we think your prepared mixes are better than any other gluten-free or non-gluten frees on the market, and I don’t understand why the entire world isn’t beating down your doors for more, but maybe they are!!”

    Angela J. of Vermilion, SD

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