Mission Statement:


We at Kristens Gluten Free Food strive to create safe, healthy and flavorful products

that help bring normalcy back to people who must eat gluten free. We also desire to

offer hope, compassion and education to fellow Celiacs, and to provide fine products

to those who choose a sound and balanced lifestyle that includes gluten free foods.


So who is Kristens Gluten Free Food…? 16 years ago, Kristen’s family had a growing concern about her declining weight and health. Her condition bottomed out within one day to becoming debilitated with severe joint pain. Doctors diagnosed her with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and could only prescribe pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds. Several months had past when a dear friend suggested that Kristen eliminate wheat from her diet. Her family began preparing some of the gluten free foods available at the time which caused her to improve after several more months. It took a year to restore Kristen’s health to a normal level, and longer to reach a renewed vitality.

While cooking by trial and error, and eating what Gluten Free food was available, Mike and Kristen and their family decided that there needed to be better GF food available for those whose life depends on a “wheatless” diet. So they decided to make their own mixes. Kristens Gluten Free Food was introduced to America in 2008 and has been gaining fans and awards ever since. Thank you for being one of those fans. You are why we are committed to providing top quality, safe, and flavorful products. Food sparks many memories; we hope that Kristens can help you add even more fond memories for you to look back on someday, but for now, Eat, Enjoy, Excel.

The Kristens family continues to grow and become involved in this family centered and owned business. Kristen and Michael live on a 5th generation farm in rural Tekamah NE, about 1 hour North of Omaha NE. They have two adult sons, Kyle and his wife Mary have two children, and son Cole all live nearby.

Kristen has a family legacy of commitment to health, healthy living, healthy food, and a holistic outlook of nutrition. Her grandmother, Dorothea, who is 97 and takes no medications and still lives in her apartment, has lived faithfully according to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Kristen raised her sons according to this heritage, farm fresh free range chicken and eggs, raw milk, garden fresh produce, and family raised beef and pork. It has been a priceless heritage to hand down from generation to generation. This is why we have as our motto, Eat, Enjoy, Excel!

Kristen and Mike and their family also live by faith in Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. Their prayer is to serve others as Christ came to serve and not be served. If you do not know Him, His desire is that you come to Him for forgiveness, and ask Him to be your Savior so that this truth will set you free. God bless you in your life’s journey.