Website Update… Summer’s Freespirit Life Begins To Fade

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Summer’s freewheeling, spend-the-day-at-the-pool, stay up late days are giving way to backpacks, new routines and new activities. The paradox of Summer is that the Fall schedule and return to school came way too quickly, even as Summer seemed to drag on with no relief even during the warm and muggy nights. Can you tell that Summer may not be our favorite season? All to say that Summer drug on so fast….

Websites are like Summer… The more time draws out to build it, you look at the calendar and say, “is it the middle of August already?” We are getting very close to completing our new website. We will have new features, new products being introduced, and this new Blog! Everyone here at Kristens has different interests, areas of expertise, and life insights. Kristens Healthy Living Blog will address a broad spectrum of the issues of food, nutrition, supplements, health, and hopefully encouragement in helping to understand that the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.

Keep watching for the launching of the new website. We hope that it will be a blessing to all who pass this way.

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